We will be closed on March 8, 9, 10 and 31, 2013.

Why the Martial Arts Advantage?

The Martial Arts Advantage trains people of all ages, ranging from young children to adults in their 60s. Offering an extensive collection of fitness and martial arts courses, we train smartly, with a practical focus. Our classes are exciting, challenging and motivating. Spanning the range from cardio kickboxing, bootcamp, to specialized martial arts training, we focus on offering individuals of all ages and fitness levels an opportunity to do their best in classes led by adult, professional trainers. Anyone can benefit and your first class is FREE -- Give us a try!

Fitness Classes

Our fitness offerings include all levels of cardio kickboxing classes, including boot camp. Wherever you are starting from the fitness classes at The Martial Arts Advantage will move you forward to your goals.

Martial Arts Classes

We also specialize in a teaching form of Ninjutsu known as Ninpo Taijutsu (Nean-po Tie-jut-su). We emphasize natural movement and realistic responses to attacks. You do not have to be bigger, faster, stronger or younger than your attacker to make this art work for you.


 START TODAY (Always Open Enrollment)
First class is FREE!  Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early.

- Drop in, punch card and memberships available
- Classes for all ages and fitness levels 
- Hit the bag (house gloves and wraps available for first classes)
- Bring clean tennis shoes
- Casual attire: No one dresses fancy here!